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Main » 2012 » March » 27 » US Open 2012: Tournament Tables Issues
US Open 2012: Tournament Tables Issues
4:13 PM
The tournament, that we had anticipated and worked on organizing for almost 6 months is unfortunately over, but we hope that it was a memorable event for all who participated in it.
Couple of farewell remarks:
  • For a while, there was an issue with presentation of our result table on this website.  Somehow, MHT file was not shown properly. Finally, I switched to PDF format and it seemed to resolve the problem - you can check here
    Please note that this table DIFFERS from the table presented by Theo Dijkstra on KNDB website in that it does not contain the coefficients and placement of players below 8th place.  This was done intentionally and is part of our regulations (item 3, last bullet). Mr. Dijkstra and I had a long discussion on this after the closing, and I tried to explain to him that this is not laziness on my part, but is rather a statement of philosophy and motto of our organization.  We believe that Swiss system is not 100% accurate and can put a player at a disadvantage where he does not have a control over the situation: an arbiter, or a computer, or a chance offen selects the opponents, and it is in a way similar to throwing the money into a slot machine in the nearby casino.  Therefore, in ICAONA we believe that we should not rank the people based on who they played with, unless it is an issue of awarding a monetary prize or a trophy. Only then the tie break mechanisms are important. So, everyone with the same number of points will be assigned a placement at the top of that group.  Mr. Dijkstra's argument was that "people want to rang themselves against each other" - very well, for that the FMJD rating system exists, which will be updated once we submit our results to FMJD, but for our tournament, we want to have all players feel good about their results  and we honestly believe that each of them deserves to be at the top of that group numbering.  We are trying to follow FMJD regulations as much as possible, but in some principal matters like this one, as it said in our tournament regulations: "In the event of a conflict between this document and the references cited herein, this document takes precedence."  Sorry, Theo - I guess we will be left at our own opinions: you believe in absolute wisdom of mathematics, and we - in boosting morale and promoting the fairness of the game as much as possible.
  • Mr. Pawlicki of FMJD brought to my attention a frustrating mistake in hand-written Blitz-Tournament table. When summing the points, I miscounted the points of Mr. Fredrick Kamara of Uganda by giving him 6 points instead of 8.  I sincerely apologize to Fredrick and I replaced the hand-written version with a corrected typed table here.
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